Things to do

The 2 star Baltico has been a family run hotel since the 1960s and we pride ourselves on the warm and welcoming atmosphere we provide here as you sojourn with us on your visit to Rome. You’ll be able to tap into our wealth of local knowledge and we can also arrange discounts in certain restaurants for you if you like (as well as parking if you’re coming by car). In the immediate vicinity you’ll find two of the city’s most famous theatres - the Teatro dell’Opera and Teatro Sistina. The National Library is also a short walk away, as is the National Gallery, the Baths of Diocletian and Villa Borghese, Rome’s most beautiful park. On nearby Piazza Barberini you’ll also find one of Rome’s most macabre tourist attractions: the Convento dei Frati Cappuccini! No, these aren’t clergymen serving coffee, but crypt after crypt of intricate art made from the bones of over 3000 monks!

You might need a cappuccino (or something stronger) after that, and luckily it’s just round the corner from the famed Via Veneto, where you’ll find Harry’s Bar and the Hard Rock Café! This charming street was made famous during the golden age of Italian cinema and with its elegant cocktail bars and exclusive restaurants has come to represent the spiritual home of la dolce vita!

If shopping in Rome is your thing, you’ll be glad to know it’s not too far to carry your purchases from Via del Corso to the Hotel Baltico. This main thoroughfare cuts right down through the centre of Rome from Piazza del Popolo at the north end to Piazza Venezia at the south, and is the home of hundreds of stores, from designer boutiques to big brands, as well as dozens of opportunities to try out the famous Italian ice cream!

Some tourists however, have a penchant for discovering what they call, the real city - the parts where the tourists don’t go, where you find real Roman people eating in real Roman restaurants and drinking in real Roman bars. Ok, it’s certainly not as pretty as the centro storico, but it’s easier on the wallet and could offer a more authentic experience if that’s what floats your boat! You’ll find all of the above on the other side of Porta Pia, outside of the ancient city walls on the Via Nomentana, and the further up you venture the more you’ll discover!